Monday, September 4, 2017

Welcome to a New Year!

Welcome back to another wonderful school year at North Hero School! I am so excited to get to know (continue to get to know) your children as we begin this year. This blog is a great place to check out to see what we have been up to in first and second grade. My goal is to update this blog weekly!

We were off to a fabulous start this week! It was filled with lots of read alouds, games, get to know you activities, and learning classroom routines. Since our classroom theme is space this year, we worked hard to make All About Me Astronauts. They are hanging up outside of our classroom if you want to check them out!

We also read some great books to help us practice our school rules. One of Mrs. Downing's favorites is called My Mouth Is a Volcano. After reading this book, we talked about what to do if we really have something we want to say!

We ended our week by learning about the classroom mailbox. Each student wrote Mrs. Downing a letter about anything he/she wanted to write about. Some students had so much fun they chose to write another teacher a letter!!

I am looking forward to starting some new procedures this week and really getting into some fun and exciting new learning this week!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We are scientists!

First and second graders have been loving science so far! We started our science year by thinking about what a scientist does. Here are the ideas that we came up with:

So far, we have completed two science challenges. Both challenges have made us realize two very important things:
1. Scientists work together!
2. Scientists make plans.

In our first challenge, we had to create a way for Rapunzel (a marble) to safely escape her tower. Students were given materials and a time limit to come up with this plan. I was so proud of how my scientists worked together and engineered some very awesome designs!

First, we drew out a plan!

Then we built! 

All Rapunzels made it down safely! Phew!

Our next challenge involved making a parachute for Jack to land safely from the top of the beanstalk.
Look at that teamwork!

We can't wait for another science challenge this Friday!

We All Fit Together

Our first and second grade class is filled with talented, creative, and unique students! We spent some time celebrating our differences and realizing that although we are all different, we make up one class! 

We wrote All About Me books and shares them with the class: 

We each created a puzzle piece and then put the class puzzle together!

Our Golden School Rules

We Over the past two weeks, the first and second graders have been learning about our school rules.

We have been reading lots of fun books that have important messages about giving respect and being safe!

We have had some great discussion around how to be respectful to each other. We had a lot of fun writing nice notes to other classmates. We realized that if we are respectful and are "bucket fillers"... We feel really good about ourselves.

Students thought about themselves and created a respect goal and a safety goal. Throughout the week, first and second graders were becoming more ready to learn because they were thinking of their goals. 

After we became experts on our school rules, we made posters to hang around the school! 

We Argh Ready For First and Second Grade!

Hello and welcome to a new school year. I am so excited to start this journey with a new group of first and second graders. Throughout the year, check back on our blog to see the exciting learning and events happening in our class! 

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Busy Solar System

We have been having an out of this world time studying our solar system. Every day we are so excited to learn about different stars, planets, and moons! 

The solar system is a complex system with lots of different planets orbiting the sun. Moons are orbiting planets and planets are spinning while orbiting. To make better sense of this complicated idea, the first and second graders went outside and became the solar system. Each student was either the sun, a planet, a moon, or an asteroid in the asteroid belt. They had a job and had to accurately do that job. 

It was such an engaging and active way to understand the solar system! 

Practicing Our Fluency

In reading, the first and second graders have been working on their fluency! 

We are now paying attention to the characters and the mood of the story. If the story is sad, we can read in a sad voice! If the character is whispering, we could whisper.

Partner reading is a great way to practice our fluency!